Commercial Documents

Commercial documents are written records of commercial transactions describing various aspects of those transactions. They may include orders, invoices, shipping documents, transport papers, and certificates of origin.


No doubt, the “certainty“ factor plays an undeniable role in promoting international business transactions. Sellers, carriers, and buyers, without certainty and necessary guarantees to set off unpleasant financial consequences and incurred accident and up redirecting of this event which we are witnessed nowadays, we won’t be able to fulfill the business transactions.

Marine cargo insurance that has been introduced prior to the other insurance fields, is able to provide coverage for financial losses pertaining to commercial goods when risks are realized related to maritime, air, and land transportation.
To provide more desirable services to Iranian traders and merchants, InternationalEMC has tried to provide more facilities to cover expensive goods under clauses A, B, and C and Total Loss in import-export, domestic, and transit fields.

shipping Documents and commercial documents

Insurance Period in clauses A, B, and C:
When occurring damage, it is necessary for the insurance policyholder (insured) to send his/her claim of damage to InternationalEMC loss section, if it is necessary, the company will send an expert to evaluate the amount and nature of the damage. Some documents which should be sent to InternationalEMC’s Insurance Company for damage inquiry are as follows:

  • Domestic bill of lading’s (copy)
  • Original bill of Lading relating to (sea, air, rail, land) transportation
  • Proforma and commercial invoices
  • Packing list
  • Survey report
  • Certificate of origin
  • All correspondence is done for delivering goods etc., with the transportation company and/or others
  • Warehouse receipt
Commercial Documents Inspection


To ensure consistent Quality and Quantity. If you need, we can provide inspection on all products. The Inspection certificate is another optional commercial documents.

SGS is one of the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification companies. Recognized globally for its quality of work and integrity, they staff over 56,000 people and function a complex network of more than 1,000 administrative centers and laboratories that encompasses the entire world.

Other Commercial Documents

Letter of Intent

LOI (letter of intent) is the preliminary agreement entered into between a buyer and InternationalEMC. This document summarizes the terms and conditions that a buyer is proposing. When an LOI is executed, then the Buyer and InternationalEMC have in principle agreed to the terms and conditions of the contract.

Commercial Invoice

The Commercial Invoice is our basic statement to the buyer for goods shipped; it ideally represents a complete record of the business transaction.

Certificate of Origin

We provide certificates of origin from the Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and Mines as part of the international trade network, showing the name and address of the manufacturer. But if need to switch B/L, naturally the certificate of origin will also be changed.

Packing List

We provide a packing list document that outlines the quantity and type of product shipped in detail. Packing list is one of the most important commercial documents.