Scaffold & Formwork Parts

Scaffold & Formwork parts, accessories, and connections are necessary tools in the implementation of construction projects. All kinds of modular formworks, all kinds of scaffolding and ceiling jacks are executed by these accessories. We are proud to supply from our network of local manufacturers, carefully selecting each item, and always ensuring consistent and premium quality.

Prop Nut (Collar Nut)

Prop Nut (Collar Nut) Scaffold & Formwork Parts

Justifying our position in the national and international market, we are engaged in offering a comprehensive range of Scaffolding Prop Nut also called Collar Nut.

To cater to the variegated needs of our esteemed customers, we are highly engaged in offering a wide array of Prop Nut using high-grade raw materials and the latest technology, these nuts are highly acclaimed in the market. Further, in order to ensure that only best-in-class nuts are delivered at the client’s end, we subject our entire range to various quality parameters.

InternationalEMC offers various kinds of prop nut (collar nut) with different types and weights. Welcome to contact us for details.

Wing Nut

Wing Nut - Formwork Parts

Due to the high pressure caused by pouring concrete on the formwork, the wing nut must be of good quality so that the formwork can withstand the pressure from the concrete.

For this purpose, the alloy of the wing nut must be made of unbreakable cast iron (ductile) so that it can withstand a lot of pressure and be resistant to rust. The production of wing nuts from ductile iron makes it possible to use it many times in different projects.

Wing nut is one of the most used parts in concrete molding. The wing nut is used to restrain the tie rod together with the waller plate.

(Scaffold & Formwork Parts)

Handle Nut (Jack Nut)

Handle Nut - Scaffold & Formwork Parts

Handle nut is used in adjustable adjustment screw, one nut is needed for each adjustable screw. This nut is used in many large construction projects, Such as high-rise buildings, bridges, and tunnels.

This product is produced by the casting method and is made of unbreakable cast iron (ductile). The production of handle nuts from ductile iron makes it possible to use them many times in different projects.

Thread Screw jacks are the accessory used to safely adjust the scaffold legs. This may be necessary when different working heights are encountered or when the scaffold is mounted on sloped surfaces.

Formwork Parts

Tie Rod

Tie rod is a widely used product in concrete molding and we are proud to produce our tie rods by using the latest threading robot that has the highest technology in the world. Therefore, the depth of all the threads is the same, which is completely visible in the appearance of the steps. Based on this, we have been able to fulfill all the needs of our customers. The quality of the rebars we use is in accordance with the German ST and approved by the Iranian Standards Organization.

Waller Plate

Waller Plates (washer plates) is essential connections in formwork. We produce the best steel sheet with ST quality, which is approved by the Iranian Standard Organization. Our waller plates are produced with a thickness of 4 mm and dimensions of 11*11 cm, which can be changed according to the customer’s order. Waller plate is used in large panel formwork along with wing nut when soldier is used as back strap.

Form Tie System

The Form Tie is widely used in the construction industry and prevents breakage in the formwork. Easy assembly and removal, it saves construction costs as all parts are reusable, except for the separator.

Formwork tie rods are made by cold rolling with a continuous thread. To fit with formwork wing nuts, waller plate, water stopper, steel cone, concrete anchor, etc. used in various formworks, such as wall formwork, column formwork, slab formwork, etc.

We produce tie rods from 16-meter-long rebar, and then they are cut into different sizes and packed according to the customer’s request.
1-meter tie rods are used for normal walls with a thickness of 30 cm. Usually, 2 wing nuts and 2 waller plates are used for each meter of a fully threaded tie rod.

Adjustable Prop Sleeve and Nut

We deal with a wide range of Prop Nut Scaffolding which is perfectly designed and have accurate size as well as shape. They are used in a variety of industries for different purposes. Adjustable Prop Sleeve consists of a threaded tube and a prop nut (collar nut).

This product is one of the scaffold & formwork parts that are in high demand at construction sites for fitting applications. The offered nut is suited well for fastening bolts or components. The offered nut is manufactured with utmost precision by our adroit experts using quality-checked metal alloy with the use of sophisticated techniques. 

We are offering this Prop Sleeve and Nut to our customers at industry-leading rates. The offered products are well known for their optimum quality. They are highly efficient. They are specially designed for our valued clients. The Prop Nut Scaffolding is reliable in nature.

Adjustable Prop Sleeve and Nut
Adjustable Prop Sleeve and prop Nut