Hammer Scaffold

Lightweight scaffold with high carrying capacity and a wide range of applications in the execution of concrete ceilings

Hammer scaffold system consists of vertical stands and horizontal anchors in different sizes. The vertical members of this type of scaffold are produced in 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 meter lengths and by placing adjustable jack heads in upper parts and adjustable jack stands in lower part of scaffold, this type of jack could be adjusted for any height and balance differences.

Installing horizontal anchors on vertical stands of the scaffolds an easy job and can be carried out by using hammer stroke. The scaffold stands are connected to each other by core connectors and scaffold pin.


The advantages of Hammer Scaffolds are as follows:

  • Ease and speed in mounting and dismounting with no need to wrench in fastening the fittings
  • Capability to be developed in site and on height with no restrictions, and no need to anchoring in height
  • Useful in scaffolding building facades and/or refinery installations and…
  • Large load bearing in concrete slab scaffolding
  • No need to skilled labor for scaffold mounting and assembly of parts by unskilled workers
  • Easy carrying and delivery due to light weight of parts
  • Useful in arch and scaffolding arch and interchange ceilings
Hammer Scaffold System
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