Lattices metal mold called “Roofix” is so useful in building industry. Low weight, plasticity, minimum damage, easy holding and installation, less use of other materials like iron and concrete and also earthquake safety are all good reasons to choose Roofix.

Roofix pros:

  • High speed
  • Low cost roof materials
  • No need for jack and torch
  • No need for cranes for installation on floor
  • No more traditional formatting
  • Possibility of concreting all floors at the same time.
  • Less roof thickness and weight
  • More earthquake safety
  • Using less material in building structure
  • Double skin roof, sound and heat insulation
  • Easy to run electrical wire through
  • Avoid worn out pipes
  • Plasticity for creating complex design
  • Larger area, low cost
  • No damage in loading, holding and installation

Roofix metal mold (first generation) is a mold-in-place and its raw material is oil sheet with 0.7mm thickness according to DIN621 (ST12) standard. Roofix has seven studs with the shape of _ and depth of 18mm. the sheet between the lattice studs has a facet design, which makes a better work with concrete. Roofix has 82+ -1cm width and 1 to 7 length upon requests.

Roofix Metal Mold Use
Concrete composite roofBuilding with steel and concrete structure
Two-way concrete slabBuilding with steel and concrete structure
Concrete fluid storage tankon the ground / in the ground
TunnelLining / cut and cover method
DomeCreation of spatial volume and specific domes
CanalCovering canals, urban wastewater, optimization of geometry on wall
Roof coverArched and flat
StairsSpiral and straight
WallRoom divider, garden isolation, decorative
FoundationHuge concrete pour
Bridge building and restorationVolume and space, specific domes
NailingDamaged building restoration
Column base plate boxConstruction joints

Rib Lath

We use our best quality hot galvanized plates and galvanized wire after cutting process produce Rib Lath. This can be used in composite roof, plastering, covering girder and armature reinforcement, covering concrete, repairing constructional cracks, decoration, etc. We offer Rib Lath in order to provide a better surface for different kinds of plastering and installing electrical and mechanical stiff, which also can be mentioned as a stronger wall without any cracks.

Rib Lath Specification Table
expanded metal rib lath

Different kinds of Rib Lath

Light Rib Lath (380-610-670 grams)

Medium Rib Lath (6970-760-860 grams)

Heavy Rib Lath (880-1300 grams)

All are hot galvanized (anticorrosive)

different kind of rib lath