Heavy Mesh

We produce woven wire mesh from 2-14mm in different sizes upon request using indented and plain bars. The bars specifications are according to the ninth section of National Construction Regulation and (A2-A3) standards.

BRC wire mesh applications:
Different roof types, walls, composite pieces, highways, concrete foundation, tunnel, nailing, dam construction and warehouse flooring.

BRC wire mesh

Different kinds of Mesh

Gabion Mesh

Gabion Mesh

Specifications: height 1-3m
Diameter: wire 2-3mm
Gauge: 8*8, 8*10, 8*12
Materials: hot galvanized
Applications: dam construction, road, construction, watershed

Hexagon Mesh

Specifications: length 20 width 120, 150, 180
Diameter: wire 0.86 – 2mm
Gauge: 4-5m
Materials: hot galvanized
Applications: roof and shed fencing, chicken industry

Fence Mesh

Fence Mesh

Specifications: height 0.5-4m
Diameter: wire 2-4mm
Gauge: 2-8cm
Materials: hot galvanized, PVC coated
Applications: reinforcement, security, fencing

Diamond Mesh

Specifications: 6*1 coil sheet thickness 0.5-4mm
Diameter: wire 2-3mm
Gauge: 30*10, 48*17, 20*59mm
Materials: iron, galvanized, aluminum
Applications: security, decoration, oil platform, road construction

Chicken Mesh

Specifications: width 90, 120, 150 length 45m
Diameter: wire 0.4-1mm
Gauge: 1.2-3.4inch
Materials: hot and cold galvanized
Applications: chicken industry, roof and shed

Sieve Mesh

Specifications: size 1*2, 1*1.25
Diameter: wire 2-6mm
Gauge: 0.3-25mm
Materials: metal, steel, galvanized
Applications: construction, agriculture, medical industry, mine