Ceiling Jack U-Model

Safety system for storing molds using a variety of ceiling jack

Ceiling jack is used for piles operation below ceiling framing and/or concrete beam. The quality of the analysis of pipes and all parts used in prop jack U-Model (ceiling jack) is St37, which is in accordance with German standard DIN 17100/80.

This type of steel is special for Construction industry and Building structures, according to which the prop jacks are produced in our network of local manufacturers, they are capable to bear 1500 kg load.

The thickness of the pipes used in our prop jack is in accordance with the customer’s request.

Although commonly pipes used in scaffolding  jacks are 2 mm thick and 5 or 6 centimeters in diameter.

Prop jack U-Model is the most suitable and economical tools for executing concrete slabs, iron beam and block. These jacks are produced at a height of 3 to 4.5 meters. These  prop jacks also have holes to adjust the height. Cross-shaped jacks are also manufactured according to customer needs. 

Ceiling Jack U-Model

For taller ceilings, scaffold systems are recommended.

For safety, the end of the prop must be fixed. There are many reports on formwork failure as result of out of alignment of props during concrete pouring.

By using prop brace, you can decrease unbraced length and increase allowed stress and loading capacity of props.

جاك يو الشكل من الجكات السقفية

Why do we use Ceiling Jack?

When a roof is building, it needs support or support to prevent it from collapsing.

All building roofs, including multiplicative arches, block joists, Unolite, waffles, etc., require a holder of high stability and strength, which a building jack can do well.

Especially in concrete roofs, the need for a construction jack is strongly felt.

  • You can specify the thickness, dimensions, surface , materials and style because we can do it
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