Modular Formwork

specification of belt / bends frame

Modular formwork system is very economical and cost-effective due to it being diversely utilized in the entire array of concrete structures such as walls, columns, beams, slabs, and foundations.

Modular formworks which are also called multi-purpose formworks are designed and manufactured based on multiples of 5 centimeters in width. These formworks have the most usage in mantling various parts of a concrete structure and get produced in different sizes and dimensions.

InternationalEMC provides formwork for various concrete structures such as walls, ceilings, concrete pillars, slabs, and foundations. We use the best steel sheets for our production.

The quality of steel sheets is St37. Their standard is complying with DIN 17100/80 of Germany. These steel sheets are specially for building projects and concrete structures. As you know this kind of steel is more resistant to impact. So you can use your formwork in more projects.

Modular formworks are manufactured in widths of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50 centimeters and lengths of 100, 150, and 200 centimeters. They can also come in other dimensions based on the client’s order

belt or bend Formwork
Modular Formwork

Belt Formwork (weld)

In Belt type, we cut the middle plate and side belts separately. Then we will be connected to each other by welding based on the standards world.

The thickness of the middle plate is 3mm. The thickness of punched belts is 5mm. Finally, we welded punched belt on the plate sides. The size of Punched belts as cross sections is 5*60mm or 5*50mm according to the customer’s order.

We note that the thickness and dimensions in different sizes can be changed on the customer’s order. If you want to utilize the Exposed Concrete and you are interested in the smooth surface, you must be using Belt Formwork.

Modular Formwork Belt Type

Bend Formwork (press)

We manufacture Bend type by a piece of steel sheet. The entire angles of this type and its peripheral belts are bent by machines. Then we weld a few numbers of its components.

Bend type is at least 10% lighter than Belt type which is an economic advantage. The thickness of the sheets used in the bent type is 3 mm.

We note that the thickness and dimensions in different sizes can be changed on request of customers. We don’t recommend Bent Formwork for surfaces that need to be completely flat.

Bend Type Modular Formwork

Modular Corners

Inner or outer modular corners are used in order to join two perpendicular sides of the formwork. Corners are built somehow to be compatible with the modular formworks and to contain all abilities and features of a modular formwork.

Inside Corner
InternationalEMC Inside Corner
Modular Formwork


A beam system that can be bolted end-to-end with exceptional strength and versatility to support wall and slab formwork. Our soldiers are renowned for versatility and exceptional load-bearing capacity, providing the basis for a formwork and support system. The chief components for soldiers are steel beams in various sizes of up to 4m, with a wide range of connectors and accessories available.

Soldiers Formwork

Punched Splints

These parts are also used like external corners for connecting two perpendicular surfaces in which case the exterior surface of the concrete will take a rather sharp shape. These punched splints are most widely utilized for connecting hanging panels to putter panels in concrete beam framing.

PunchedS plints​

Modular Formwork Filler

Fillers are of various sections and in formwork system, enjoy various applications as follows:

  • For covering distances that application of standard modular forms is not possible.
  • In spaces limited to formwork that possibility of disassembling forms is not applicable. In such case, application of filler seems necessary.
  • In cases that possibility of displacement of all formwork system is possible with crane. By placing filler between large panels, integrated and large panels can be separated from surface of concrete easily from each other
  • You can specify the thickness, dimensions, surface , materials and style because we can do it

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