Single side wall formwork

Single side wall formwork is one type of large panel formwork system. In this formwork system, taking advantage of the bolt is not possible. For curbing side pressure of concrete, buried bolt in foundation and body of wall as supporter struts are used.

  1. Frame (case): Criteria of authorized stress 4.3ton/m2 and criteria of authorized creep 5.72ton/m2
  2. Horizontal back support:
  3. A) Pipe: Criteria of authorized stress 1.55ton/m2 and criteria of authorized creep 2.44ton/m2
  4. B) 80*40 tin: Criteria of authorized stress 4.2ton/m2 and criteria of authorized creep 10.53ton/m2
  5. Soldier: Criteria of authorized stress 9.3ton/m2 and criteria of authorized creep 29ton/m2
  6. Belt: Criteria of stretch stress 3.98ton/m2

It can be seen by using 80*40 tin, the belt capacity will be
a determining factor and based on this, maximum authorized pressure on the
the frame is 3.98 tons per square meter.

Single side Large panel formwork
Large Panel Formwork

Double side wall formwork

Double side wall formwork is another type of large panel formwork system. Walls formwork is carried out by modular panels. For the implementation of one concrete-based wall, three parameters should always be taken into consideration. The plan of formwork should be determined based on the following three parameters:

  1. Curbing side pressure of concrete
  2. Height of concrete-based pressure
  3. Sustainability of complex of form

System of Double Side Walls formwork, which includes:

  1. Modular panels are connected to each other by pin and wedge. The weight of each square meter of these panels stands at 38.5kg.
  2. Tie rod – seal bar used for concrete side pressures, pass from the middle of opposite panels and then are connected by anchor plate to soldier. It also is connected by a “tube anchor plate” and “wing nut” to the vertical support of a couple of tubes. The distance of placing in horizon and height stands at 1 and 0.5 meters respectively
  3. tubes are located from each other horizontally at a distance of 0.5meters from each other in height and are connected by the middle clamp to panels.
  4. Soldiers are placed each other vertically at a distance of one meter from each other, for curb hydrostatic power.
  5. Bolt is connected by a wing nut and anchor plate to soldier and connects soldier to the tube (horizontal support).
double side wall formwork

ZIGMA Wall Formwork

Fast forming operations due to large-sized elements with only one connecting part - The best larg panel formwork solution

Zigma Formwork is the best large panel formwork solution. Zigma Formwork System includes steel formworks and their appurtenances and has simple connections. Therefore, the formwork time and cost will be decreased on a noteworthy basis.

Panels’ height in this system is 150 cm, 270 cm, and 330 cm. The width of such panels has been designed so that they may be used for any kind of plan. For instance, for the panel width of 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm, and 240 cm. On the panel’s surface, we may use hard propylene or plywood(WISA-BIRCH).

Interconnection of the panels of such a formwork system may be possible by special locks at each point of the formwork, and such panels may be applied in a standing or reclining state. Such locks may be used in horizontal or vertical directions. For opening and closing such locks, we may use a hammer.

Calculations related to the structural properties of such formwork systems are in accordance with the European Standards and GSV guide. Such a formwork system may be applied in various sections of a structure such as foundations, walls, columns, and other flat concrete structures, and in this system, the DW15 Bolt is used which is compatible with the panels’ resistance.

Advantages of Use of Zigma Formwork System

The best larg panel formwork solution

Panels: Panels are designed in this manner that the increase in their breadth is a factor of 15.

  • Panels’ height is considered as 330 cm, 270 cm, and 150 cm which are in proportion to the standard buildings, and as a result, the number and kind of the formworks are decreased and the rate of formwork is increased.
  • In order to enjoy the most speed, the panels with the wideness of 240 cm may be applied. Panels are designed in this manner that they may be used either in the vertical direction or in the horizontal direction.
  • Multipurpose panels are designed in this manner that the conjunction of the terminal panels of each wall to the panel of the next wall may be possible.
  • The flexural strength of the panels is 80 Kilo Newton/ Square meter in accordance with the standard DIN 18202. In this system, the DW 15 Bolt is used in order to tolerate the hydrostatic pressure of the concrete.
  • The special shape of the panel corners has caused the members may easily move in the horizontal and vertical directions and there is no need to hammer.
  • It has a sturdy and stable profile/section.

Section shape is designed in this manner that the cost of construction of a structure decreases the speed of erection and installation and such a section may be easily cleaned. In order to cover, premium quality materials are used which cause simplicity in formwork cleaning and increase in its length of life.

ZIGMA Wall Formwork

Connections / Joints

• The use of modular locks has caused the workers to easily open and close the formworks in the best situation which may be possible, and such a method is easier and faster than the wedge system.
• The special shape of such a lock has caused the formworks to become balanced and leveled and remain in one direction on a completely compressed basis.
• By using such locks, there will remain no need for the prop (underpinning) in the formwork system.
• Stroke which is delivered on the ball or nut of such locks by hammer may cause unity of such connection.
• Connection points have been designed in this manner that they are completely distinguished and there is no need that the worker determines the place of connection or changes the same, and as a result, the errors would be decreased and would reach zero, and finally, the speed of work will be increased on a noteworthy basis.

Round Flex System

Form with plywood surface

Round Flex is produced by applying plywood of 12, 18, and 21 mm thickness and is covered by insulating lacquer which increases the quality of concrete finishing.

Curved/flat plywood form By using this form, it would be possible to perform concrete surfaces with high quality and accuracy. Plywood Form is suitable for exposed Concrete and architectural surfaces and produced exposed concrete and architectural dimensions up to 300×150 cm.

Our large panel formwork is made and welded by a fully automatic machine.

Round Flex System
  • You can specify the thickness, dimensions, surface , materials and style because we can do it