Triangular scaffold (PAL Scaffold)

Lightweight scaffold with high carrying capacity and a wide range of applications

Triangular modular scaffold (PAL Scaffold) is formed by joining triangular elements. These elements are assembled easily with no need for any specific tool and specialized technicians to form a firm and light scaffold. Due to the light weight of its components, easy installation, and high load-bearing capacity, this type of scaffold has found extensive application in executing different types of concrete ceilings.

Owing to its executive and economic advantages triangular scaffold (PAL Scaffold) is recommended for any structure which requires load bearing surface in height.

Triangular scaffold components are produced at 50, 75, and 100 cm height, and this scaffold system could be, therefore, used at any height. The frame width of the triangular frame is 120 centimeters, which can have horizontal or triangular, or square sections. 

The triangular scaffold components are available in square and triangle shapes in the connection capability plan to fit any geographic conditions and can bear different loading.

In framing slabs, beams, and heavy structures framing with specific and tall concrete slabs, it is necessary to use a scaffold due to the relative heavyweight of slabs. Using modular scaffolds facilitates work execution. 

Mounting this type of scaffold is simple. This scaffold is made of a small number of components and due to its lightweight, it can be mounted fast and easily. Owing to its structural shape, this type of scaffold has both high loading capacity and rigidity; and, can be easily adjustable. In addition, these components can be dismounted easily and fast.

Triangular scaffold (PAL Scaffold)
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Different installation of bridge scaffolding

Different installation of bridge scaffolding
Triangular modular scaffold​ing

The advantages of using a Triangular modular scaffold (PAL Scaffold) are as follows:

  1. Ease and speed in opening and closing and no need for wrenches for fastening connections.
  2. Very high load for concrete block slabs due to fixed diagonal joints.
  3. No need for skilled workers. Assembly and assembly of parts by a simple worker.
  • You can specify the thickness, dimensions, surface, materials, and style because we can do it