Rectangular Column Formwork

Rectangular column formwork is the new mantling system for rectangular based columns, provides the capability of mantling columns of various sizes such as 30*30 cm to 100*100 cm or even 80*60cm in every 5 cm distance in a sliding form with sharp or smooth edges without adding or taking out a formwork.

‏In comparison with the traditional modular systems in which all formworks, connectors and parts should be dismantled and mantled again each time in a new site, the usage of plywood on the surface of the concrete has given a quality to the column formwork.

In addition to its integrated panels with no formwork joint lines on the concrete. This mantling system advantages from at least a four times faster process of installation, performance and finalization of the project.

Rectangular column formwork

Each column case is a complex including panels, external corners, attachments and fittings including pin, wedge and clamps. Panels are offered in two types of bending and weld, depending on customer’s opinion. In both models, to prevent column case torsion, it is suggested the side of external corners should not be the same as middle panels; and to take the height of external corners in 150cm, with mid panels of 100 or 200 cm.

قولبة الأعمدة المستطيل

Round Column Formwork

To execute column in circular cross section, special cases are designed and produced in view of the diameter size and column  height,  usually  consisting  of  two semicircle and can be connected to each other by using steel clamps, pins and wedge. 

Our manufacturers design and manufacture the round columns formworks based on the height and the diameter.

‏Due to the diameter sensibilities, the circular formworks are produced with full automatic cutting machineries.

Circular steel column formwork can also use with the climbing  system including brackets, adjusting prop,…

round columns formworks
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  • You can specify the thickness, dimensions, surface , materials and style because we can do it